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Choose From Our Exquisite Selection Of Quartz Countertops

We are proudly one of the top trusted company in Phoenix for quartz countertops. Between the shelf in your shower and the entire, solid backsplash in your kitchen, we know the importance of sealed seams and detailed, precision cuts. Our stone is measured and cut to size using state-of-the-art, CNC, stone fabrication machinery right here in our studio warehouse.

When you trust AZ Granite and Remodeling with your quartz countertop installation, we consider every detail so all you’re left with is a beautiful, finished, sealed, and high performing end result.

Experienced Team

Whether single quartz countertop replacement or full remodel, our experienced team will mitigate demo of your current stone and install and seal your new quartz with the precision you deserve.

You will work with our stone warehouse suppliers and AZ designer, but we’ll take it from there. Our Quartz countertops are icing on the cake and have a huge impact on the overall quality and mood of the final product.

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