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Exquisite Selection Of Remnants

Our remnant selection features gorgeous marble, granite, quartz, and limestone tops for a fraction of the cost. A remnant is a piece remaining from cutting whole slabs of material for larger projects. For instance, when we install an entire kitchen there might be a substantial piece of countertop stone left over.

When you choose from our remnant selection, we custom fit, fabricate (cut, perform edge details, drill faucet openings, etc), install, and seal your top. The benefit of choosing a remnant is the cost savings. Because the smaller piece is left from the slab, we offer a substantial discount.

Upgraded Countertops Go The Distance For Less

Get a gorgeous result with our remnants. Our experienced design consultants and countertop fabricators will leave you wondering why you didn’t replace your tops ages ago.

We provide one on one service and our meticulous installers will be in and out without a speck of dust in sight. Contact us to make an appointment to view and select your next countertop project from our remnant material.

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